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Wellness and beauty rituals.

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A discreet and welcoming shelter for your body and face care.

Our highly qualified professionals are
ready to dedicate themselves to your
well-being with care and discretion. The
elegant relax rooms surrounded by the
mountains and the beautiful Lugano Lake
will become your private oasis.

Our beauty rituals are thought to create a pleasant atmosphere and transform your experience in an unforgettable wellness moment.

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Personalized face and body treatments made with organic products only.

You can choose the benefits of ancient
holistic treatments such as the stone
massage and the aromatherapy, or
experience new technologies for
your body and face care.

Swiss Diamond Hotel Is glad to introduce the cutting-edge
new treatment of skin tightening technology, unique in Switzerland.

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Immediate non-invasive lifting
treatment for face and body

Wisma esthetic

The Thermage system is a non-invasive radiofrequency (RF) therapy that
can help smooth, firm and shape the skin for an overall younger

Some benefits:
– One session with immediate and lasting results
– Painless and comfortable
– Firmer and more compact skin

For more info [email protected] telephone 091 735 00 10
Free first consultation with the specialist Mr. Jens Wismahr, by appointment


Take your time, we’ll take care of you.

SPA Offer

In April and May dedicate yourself to purification

50 'Hydro and mud therapy treatment with new Bioaromes by Piroche

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