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Discovering the beauties of Lugano Lake

Family vacation in Lugano: an unforgettable experience

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Discovering the beauties of Lugano Lake

The city of Lugano and Ceresio Lake, how Lugano Lake is also called, offers a variety of attractions for all visitors. Whether you love long walks in the greenery or to spend relaxing cultural mornings at the museum, go shopping in the city centre or enjoy the specialties of the land, Ticino is exactly what you need.

Between an activity and another, the Swiss Diamond Hotel is the ideal venue for your stay, ready to welcome you warmly any time you’d like to take a well-deserved wellness break.

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Lugano, tradition and innovation by the lake

Located in the heart of Canton Ticino, of which it’s the main city, Lugano will amaze you with its characteristic combination between past and present.

The historical centre, for pedestrians only, will let you lose yourself among the timeless charm of its ancient buildings and the lovely shopping streets.
Lugano is a wise combination of innovation, culture and business, together with an always-on wide offer of museums, music festivals and all the vivacity of the lakefront.

Not to mention the countless parks scattering the city, the surrounding green hills, the breath-taking scenic points and the unique beauty of the stretch of water where it rises.

Once known, you won’t leave Lugano anymore.

Experience Lugano Lake

Lugano is only one of the many places which make Ceresio Lake one of a kind: thereabouts many hidden gems are ready to be explored.

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Morcote, Ceresio’s pearl

Named one of the most beautiful towns in Switzerland, Morcote extends down the slopes of Monte Arbostora, in a privileged position, kissed by the sun.

A lakefront stroll and among the narrow streets of this hamlet is suggested in every season.
You can get closer its noble buildings and the Captain’s Tower, climb the 400 steps which lead up to the suggestive medieval churches or enjoy the peace of Scherrer Botanical Gardens, where you can enjoy the incredible lake-view.

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Carona and San Grato’s Park

Halfway between the Swiss Diamond Hotel and Lugano’s city centre, you can find Carona, a picturesque neighbourhood enriched by the presence of St. George’s Romanesque Church and its frescos.

Add a restoring walk in San Grato’s Park to this visit.
You’ll have the sensation to be in a parallel world that you can explore thanks to the various themed paths following the season’s rhythm.

Perfect also for families, who can entertain themselves in the playground in the middle of the garden.

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Lugano Lake Cruise

Your stay on Ceresio Lake can’t end without a poetic and relaxing cruise on its calm waters.
Let the boat cuddle you while your seduced eyes follow the colours and shapes of the landscape.

You can get onboard in Morcote or on the Lugano’s dock, choosing one of the tours organised by the Lake’s Navigation Society or renting a private boat.
If you arrive with your own boat, you can freely use the private marina of Swiss Diamond Hotel.

Don’t miss a visit to the romantic city of Gandria or a tour on the Lake at sunset, experiences to be remembered forever.

Enchanting destination both in summer and winter, the atmosphere and the rich opportunities will amaze you. Between an activity and another one, don’t forget to rest: the Swiss Diamond Hotel’s Spa, its swimming pools and the gourmet restaurants are ideal places where to recharge for your next stop.

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